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a.k.a. TremFu,
ghost from yesteryear.

Tremendous Fucking (TremFu) was exactly what the name implied: an auditory onslaught that simultaneously inspired fear, euphoria, a slight burning sensation, and deep feelings of shame - the kind you feel the next morning when you're scamming a ride home in the same short skirt you went out in the night before. Like bastard children of The Jesus Lizard and Black Flag, TF lived and breathed a breed of rock'n'roll that is largely extinct - the kind that actually rocked.

Now, some history...

2003: [V-1] Patch McMean, Wiley McMean, Professa Riff, Slamma McMean
* In the after-glow of a Coke Dares show, an alliance was formed and the practices soon followed.
* Played first show at "The Cube" in Indianapolis
* Recorded demo "How's My Fucking?"
* Wiley McMean came up with the idea for the now infamous "How's My Fucking?" stickers

2003: [V-2] Patch McMean, Professa Riff, Slamma McMean, Dreamy McHandsomepants
* Wiley left the country for a while. Dreamy took over on drums.
* Played "Stooges" Tribute.

2004: [V-3] Patch McMean, Professa Riff, Dreamy McHandsomepants, Deuce-Deuce
* Slamma moved to New York. Deuce-Deuce took over on bass.
* Recorded "Third Times a Charm" 7in, that never got released.
* Played "Black Flag" Tribute.

2004-2005: [V-4] Patch McMean, Professa Riff, Dreamy McHandsomepants, Wiley McMean
* Dreamy moved to bass, and Wiley took the drums back.
* Recorded "Thanks For Nothin" at Farm Fresh
* Played "John Mellencamp" Tribute at Second Story (R.I.P.)
* Rocked out an amazing week-long tour of Bloomington!

2005-2006: [V-5] Patch McMean, Professa Riff, Dreamy McHandsomepants, Taco McMean
* Wiley left again. Taco took over on drums.
* Played "Jesus Lizard" Tribute.
* Won PunkRockNight award for "Best out of Town"
* Wrote most of "More Blood in the Monitors" but didn't get to record it.

2006-2009: [V-6] Patch McMean, Professa Riff, Taco McMean, Raw Bizznaz (Montage)
* Dreamy was abducted by aliens. Rob Montage took over on bass.
* Recorded "More Blood in the Monitors" at the old Russian Recording
* Toured
* Played "Mclusky" Tribute
* Combined bands with Push-Pull for a couple of super-shows!
* Partied with the Sump Pumps for the final time on 3/14/2009
* Wrote and recorded "Power Down" at the new Russian Recording but didn't get to release it.
* Rocked the final show on July 31st, 2009, with some of our favorite bands: IfIHadAHiFi, Push-Pull, and YouWillDie

2010: [V-7] Patch McMean and friends
* "We've Got Your Daddy" released on "It Happened Here" compilation for Record Store Day 4/17/2010.
* Finished & released "Power Down"
* Released videos for all songs off of "Power Down" for CD Release Party on April 23rd, 2010